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Frequently Asked Questions
What is is the website where you can join a group of individuals playing lotteries in Toronto/Ontario and bring your luck to the whole group's success. At the same time other members' luck will increase your chances to win.

How my chances to win can increase?
You will play together with a group and win together. If you play with a group of 100 peoples then your chances to win are 100 times higher since the group can purchase 100 times more tickets.

And where is the catch?
The catch is that once our group wins the money will be splitted among all the participants. So if a group of 100 individuals wins a $25,000,000 jackpot you'll receive $250,000 only. But actually playing together your chances to win $250,000 are 100 times higher than your chances to win $25,000,000 alone.

Is there any specific profit for someone from the lottery pool supported by
All the participants are equal and the winning will be shared according to the money contributed to the pool. Other than that no one gets any profit from the schema. We charge no enrollment fee, no account maintenance fee, no any deposit fee, no withdrawal fee, no account closing fee. You pay for actual tickets only.

How transparent is the schema?
You choose what lotteries you want to participate, and how many tickets you want to buy.
Also you may choose what numbers you want to play for your tickets purchased.
Once everyone confirms the participation the draw becomes "closed" that means no more participants allowed.
Then administration purchases the tickets for everyone, scanned copies are available to everyone before the draw.
So all the information (amount of tickets purchased for each lottery, all the combinations of numbers, scancopies, total amount of money spent, etc) will be available to all the participants.

I'm going to buy LottoMax tickets only.
Will I share any winning coming from other lotteries, let's say Lottario, or 6/49?

All the participants can buy any tickets of any lottery they want, and our lottery pool is the set of all the tickets purchased, so everyone is sharing a part of the total winning of all lotteries, according to funds contributed to the pool.
So two participants who buy a) 1 LottoMax ticket ($5 contribution), and b) 5 Lottario tickets (5x$1 = $5 total contribution) are sharing the same percentage of possible winning of all lotteries since their contributions are equal.

Could you describe a full life cycle of a draw how it's processed on
Please read our How It Works page.

How do you count "free tickets" the group may win?
The system "buys" free tickets itself immediately and deposits the price to participants accounts to simplify the process.
So if we win a free ticket for let's say LottoMax lottery (the ticket costs $5) then reports "our winning is $5" (instead of "we won a free ticket"), and the corresponding amounts are deposited to everyone according to their participations.
The next draw this ticket will play however you'll be charged for it (someone will decide to play LottoMax, pay $5 and this ticket will play similar to those being purchased from OLG). That's why sometimes you can see free tickets in scancopies.

Are lottery pools legal?
Yes, sure.
Please read about playing together on OLG website:

Why is so great?
Our website offers many great features:

  • Ease. We will handle ticket purchases for each and every drawing of all the supported lotteries.
  • Convenience. We are always here. No more running about to find out what are your ticket numbers. Just Login.
  • Security. We post copies of the tickets to our website, you can Login and print them up. We also maintain accurate records and notify you, via email, when a new set of tickets is purchased.
  • Privacy. Unlike many internet-based services, we don't 'sell' your identity to other companies.

How I can participate?
You have to register, add funds to your account and choose what lotteries (and how many tickets) you want to play, once or every week.

How I can deposit funds to my account at
You can make a deposit through either Interac email money transfer (, Webmoney (, or by bringing cash to any CIBC branch. More detailed information is available once you login.

How I can withdraw my money from my account at
A withdrawal is free of charge and is available by a cheque, or interac email money transfer. The processing time is usually up to 5 business days.

I have more questions, how can I reach you?
Please contact us through our Contact page.

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