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Life Cycle of a Lottery Pool

Once you register and logged in you are able to view all the information about previous draws and tickets we purchased.

Also you are able to deposit funds to your account and participate in any future draw.

There are three stages of a pool/draw.

First, once created by administrator the pool is open. Usually it happens on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. At this stage everyone can join the open pool and set a number of tickets to purchase and participate. The cost of requested tickets will be deducted from your account.
At the same time you can change number of tickets, or just cancel your choice (set the number of tickets to 0) so your tickets' price will be refunded back to your account.

Also every participant on this stage can setup so called "preferred numbers" for the tickets he wants to buy. Preferred numbers are a combination of numbers to participate in the draw. Of course you can setup preferred numbers for your tickets only.

Then administrator closes the pool. It usually happens between 3pm and 6pm on Friday, but for sure the pool remains open for at least 24 hours so if the pool was open at 4pm on Thursday it will be closed not earlier than 4pm on Friday. Closed pool doesn't accept any changes - no more new participants, no more refunds so make sure you make your choice until 3pm on Friday.

Administration then purchases tickets, scans and uploads them into the system. After that (usually between 8pm and 9pm on Friday) sends out emails to all participants with full information about the pool: how many tickets purchased, all our numbers/combinations, your own participation/contribution, your share of future winning (if any), etc.

Links to all scancopies of the tickets are included into the emails so everyone can confirm the tickets before the draws start. All the information about pool will for sure be available until 11pm on Friday but usually it happens between 8pm and 9pm on Friday.

After a draw administration checks the tickets, and enters information about winning numbers into, together with information about our group's total winning. Another set of emails sent out here including information about everyone's personal winning according number of tickets purchased, and the current balance of your account. The pool becomes finalized, and not active anymore.

Opposite to manual participation, you can setup auto-participation: you can set numbers of tickets you want to participate automatically every week for each draw (6/49, LottoMax, Lottario, Ontario49). Once a new pool created the requested number of tickets will be automatically purchased for you. At the same time you can login and change your number of tickets manually (for open draws only, i.e. before 3pm on Friday).

You can participate for as low as $0.50 per week.

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