Terms and Conditions of using Winneromania.com

Winneromania.com is a Toronto-based Ontario lottery pool community website. No wagering or gambling takes place here. To use this website you must be 18 years or older.

Participants can register and deposit funds to Winneromania.com to make a pool and purchase OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation) tickets together.

All participants agree to give Winneromania.com permission to buy OLG lottery tickets on their behalf. The winning (if any) will be splitted across all the participants according the tickets purchased for the whole pool, i.e. according to the percentage of money contributed (let's say if you participated with $5 in $100 pool you are eligible for 5% of the total winning).

You must enter your legal first and last name since you'll be asked for a government-issued photo ID to withdraw any amount higher than $200.

Winneromania.com purchases the requested number of tickets from OLG-authorized vendors behind all the participants' names, and does all its best to make the scancopies of all the tickets available for all participants before 9pm on Friday (i.e. before the actual draw).

All the draws are held by OLG, and all the winning numbers are available on OLG website, www.olg.ca. All the winnings of our group are deposited to participants accounts and can be withdrawn any moment free of charge.

Winneromania.com keeps all the purchased tickets for one week after the corresponding draws took place. The tickets become not available in one week after the draw.

Once tickets are purchased (i.e. once a pool becomes "closed" on Winneromania.com) no refund for tickets is available. Everyone however can withdraw from their accounts all the money not used for tickets purchasing yet.

Rules of all the lotteries can be found on www.olg.ca. Winneromania.com is an independent lottery pool website which is not related to OLG in any way.